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Vanguard Gold ETF: All the Information You Need!

Vanguard gold ETF is a fund that invests in shares of companies, governments, and other securities related to the mining industry. It’s managed by Vanguard Group, an investment company with over $3 trillion in assets under management (AUM). This blog post will go into great detail on the Vanguard Gold ETF, describing what it is, how it operates, and why we believe it is an excellent investment.

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Are You Looking for Vanguard Gold Mutual Funds?

Gold funds are riskier than other funds. They let people buy gold for their money, so they can still sell the gold and get back their money if something terrible happens. Gold is also good because it does not change value as much as stock. Vanguard doesn’t offer any Gold funds, but they have the Global Capital Cycles Fund (VGPMX). The fund invests three-quarters of its investments in precious metals and mining stocks.

Fund Strategy

Vanguard Capital Cycles owns and invests in the USA and other countries. It tries to find businesses with low cash, so it can grow. In April 2021, an annual 401k-capital account had 39 shares traded on NASDAQ.

The majority of the funds we’ve reviewed invest across a broad range of industries, with a mix of capital and emerging markets. It also concentrates its investments (i.e., holding 25% or more of its assets) in securities from companies engaged in the principal activity of the precious metals business.

Risk and Modern Portfolio Theory Statistics

This Sharp-E ratio shows that investors have redeemed their investments with more than 25% annual yield. Alpha data showed that the country underperformed the global standard index at about 2.3% in its calendar year. The fund was designed for borrowers who need an investment based mainly on precious and mineral resources.

Investopedia provides information about taxes, investments, and wealth management. This information is not specific to anyone and may not reflect their situation. The idea behind investing is a potential return on assets.

What Are Gold ETFs?

Gold ETFs let you buy and sell gold. They also track how much gold is worth. Gold prices dropped to $9,000.90 after the Great Recession, but stocks were worth $423.7B on January 1st. Because of the spike in gold prices, this is roughly twice as much as in the same period in 2016. The investor buys shares in this portfolio if they want to buy less expensive stocks than those inflated by their gold prices.

These Seven Gold ETFs All Share Low Fees – But Give Investors Different Ways To Play the Metal, From Direct Exposure To Stock-Related Angles

Gold investors think gold is valuable because it doesn’t move with stocks. That means people who invest in diversified investments can buy gold to earn money quickly. It is hard for new investors to know how to buy something like gold, so they should learn more about it before they do anything else.

We advise consumers to use ETFs or acquire the underlying securities only when high-value ETFs will help them profit from their gold investment without losing any of their money over time. Listed below are seven high-value ETFs that may help you if you want to try buying some gold.

SPDR Gold Shares

Gold shares are part of the physical ownership of gold stores. The price is about 10% of the gold in the fund. When there is more demand for investment, gold prices go up, and it becomes more difficult to buy the commodity. That’s why these funds were created to be competitive with other funds that want to buy gold.

Is there anything particularly awful or terrible? This has resulted in SPDR’s failures and those of rivals despite extreme cost escalation despite fierce competition. On the SPDR website, take a look at a summary of DLS. You may sell SPDR assets on the market for $77.26 each at State Street Global Advisors.

VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF

The Vaneck Vectors Gold Miners ETF has about 50 companies that work in the gold mining industry. Half of these investments are restricted to the top 10 holdings. Gold miners usually react faster to gold prices than the gold ETF, which holds this metal for a certain amount of time. The fund has heavy weighting from big metallurgies Newmont and ABX (Berrick Gold). Among them is diversified ABX with ABX, NM, and FNM. The return by the fund was $1.5 billion.

SPDR Gold MiniShares

The SPDR Gold MiniShares are low-cost gold equities. They have expenses that are only 0.128% of the cost of other gold stocks. This is better than GraniteShare, which has an 8-percent lower discount over iShares. SPDR Gold MiniShares is one of the most severe risks in the gold market because it is both a dirt-economy ETF and an ETF for high-value investors.

GraniteShares Gold Trust

The GraniteShares gold trust has a total value of $1.6 billion in assets. It was developed by GLD and is based on the same architecture as the Gold lease. The amount of gold represented by BARs is 1/10th that of gold. With a combined budget of about 1.490 million dollars, it outperforms both IAU and GLD by a significant margin.

VanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF

The VanEck Vector Junior Gold Mining ETF has dispersed risk to over 80 firms. It has larger portfolios and a lower price than GDX, making it more attractive. These companies should soar rapidly, but investing in a few of them may be hazardous. Kinross Gold (KGC), Gold Fields ( GFI ), and Southern Star Resources ( GFI ) have the fund’s leading share portfolio.

Global GO GOLD and Precious Metal Miners ETF

ETFs that follow gold and silver prices can help investors diversify their precious metal holdings. The goal is a well-structured portfolio. GOAL is a nimble stock that provides access to specialized mining services for precious metals. For approximately $24, silver has increased by almost 24% year over year. Wheaton Jewels (WPM 7.3%) and Franco-Nevada (9.3%) are top holdings.

IShares Gold Trust

For years, IShares Gold Trust has been the preferred affordable GLD alternative. Some shares are made of more than 100 pounds of gold. It is like the SPD but costs $2000 less in 30 years based on initial issuance costs. The ETF – Gold is not much better liquidity or more diversified than the SPD.

Fund Characteristics

The average expense ratio for the Vanguard Global Capital cycle funds is 0.36 percent, which is relatively low. Around 25% of the assets are invested in gold and minerals. It was promoted as a market-rate benchmark of the spliced index, including data gathered by the index. It became available on May 1st, 2004. Benchmark returns on similar years’ investments rose 2.22 percent from their inception. This fund requires a minimum investment of $1,000 to invest into it. In recent years, revenue growth averaging 4.2% has been recorded each year from this business venture.


Shares are usually used for ordinary shares, representing parts of a company’s ownership. Each share of corporate shares has proportionally held shares in the company and is part of this group.

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Why Gold as an Investment?

Gold is a valuable metal that has been used for centuries as a way to store wealth. It is an excellent investment in your portfolio because it can help you diversify your holdings and be beneficial when the stock market is unstable or during periods of economic uncertainty. When the coronavirus hit, it shocked investors, but those who had gold benefited from its haven status by reducing their risk and helping cushion the fall.

Gold has been a good investment when the interest rates are low or negative or when the interest rates minus inflation is negative. Gold is also one of the few assets that don't have a strong correlation with stocks during market downturns. It means that gold will most likely go up if stocks go down. Having different types of assets helps to increase investment returns and reduce risk.

How Do You Buy Gold?

There are two ways to get exposure to gold. You can buy physical gold bullion, like bars or coins, or you can own shares in a gold mining company. However, both of these have challenges.

It cannot be easy to store physical gold bullion, especially if you don't have a lot of room. It also costs money to keep, and you must be careful that it's insured. It's tricky to figure out who should hold your gold for you- like a dealer, safety deposit box, bank vault, or even at home. Plus, there are high minimum investment amounts and low liquidity with this option.

Shares in a gold mining company can also take time to invest in. For one, the stock might be a little liquid, so it's hard to sell when you want to. Secondly, the store might not be as stable as we'd like and could go down in value quickly.

Gold mining shares are easy to trade on the share market, but they don't provide the same protection as physical gold. They are more likely to move with the stock market and won't always react the same way as material gold. Gold mining shares are an indirect way to invest in gold and can sometimes be more volatile.

One way to own gold is through Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). ETFs are a simple and cost-effective way to own physical gold. They work by providing a return that is equivalent to the movement of the gold price. This way, you don't have to worry about the inconvenience or costs of transporting, storing, and insuring your gold.

Pros And Cons: Investing In Gold ETFs


  • TFSA or Tax benefits when investing through an account such as an RRSP
  • Much higher liquidity than selling and buying physical gold bars
  • No storage costs
  • Gold purity ensured


  • It may not always be backed by physical gold
  • ETF unit values can deviate from actual underlying values due to trading
  • Gold ETFs may be small in illiquid and size 
  • Being forced to trade during market hours 

5 Best Gold ETFs

CI Gold Bullion Fund

CI offers a gold bullion fund through currency-hedged and unhedged ETFs. VALT is a small ETF by assets under management, but it comes with one of Canada's lowest gold ETF MERs. ETFs enable investors to invest in physical gold with fewer fees while achieving the same price performance.

Although VALT has a short track record and is small, it is still an excellent choice for low fees and physical gold backing.

Purpose Gold Bullion Fund

The ETF has a short yet successful performance history and is a vast fund of its assets under management. With one of the most minimal MERs, it's just suitable for a gold-based ETF. Its primary investments are in gold bullion, but there may be some minor exposure to certificates related to gold as well.

Although not the cheapest option on our list, KILO is excellent for adding gold bullion exposure to your portfolio because it offers stability and security.

Horizons Gold ETF

Horizons propose a gold futures fund in Canada through its HUG ETF. This ETF invests in gold futures (not physical gold) and hedges to Canadian money.

HUG enables investors to monitor the progress of the Solactive Gold Front Month MD Rolling Futures Index ER. This ETF has a long performance track record and is small by assets under management. It has a low MER, making it a good choice for investors looking to invest in gold. Keep in mind that HUG does not hold physical gold bullion in a vault because it invests in futures. If you are okay with not having physical gold back your investment, HUG is a great option.

BMO Equal Weight Global Gold Index ETF

ZGD is a global gold miner stock ETF offered by BMO on the ETF shelf here in Canada. It follows the Solactive Equal Weight Global Gold Index, a passive strategy.

The ETF that invests in gold mining companies is riskier than most gold bullion ETFs. It is because the stock prices of mining companies typically go up and down more when the price of gold moves.

ZGD has a long performance track record and is a small ETF. It has a high MER for a gold ETF.

If you want to take on more risk with gold prices, BMO's ZGD may be a great option.

BMO Junior Gold Index ETF

One of the high-risk things you can do when investing in gold is to buy shares in junior mining companies. These companies are usually less stable, and their stock prices go up and down a lot, usually along with the price of gold.

BMO's ZJG ETF has a long performance track record and is a small ETF by assets under management. It comes with a relatively high MER for a gold ETF, but it is worth considering if you want to take on more risk to earn higher rewards. The fund invests in junior gold miners in North America.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vanguard Gold ETF

Can I Buy Gold via Vanguard?

Some people say that investing in gold and silver can help reduce the risks of traditional investments. It is not sure that the value of gold and silver will go up or down, but you can buy them anyway. And also, if you trade with futures and commodities, it is only possible with Vanguard.

What Happened to Vanguard Precious Metals Fund?

Vanguard is changing its name and restructuring its assets. It will average $4 billion to $33 billion, and the funds will relaunch on September 10th.

Which Is the Best Place To Invest in Gold?

Dematerialized accounts must be set apart to make a gold-ETF investment. A gold mutual fund invests in Gold ETFs and is based on a portfolio structure with several asset management companies (AMCs). Gold Mutual Funds are available via the mobile app ETM Money.

Can I Buy Precious Metals Through Vanguard?

The Vanguard Global Capital cycle investing fund is designed to protect assets made of gold and diamonds in the United States. It also offers indirect exposure to emerging markets.

Can I Buy Precious Metals Through Vanguard?

The Vanguard Global Capital Cycling Fund can be bought through Vanguard’s diversified investment platforms or the Vanguard Gold Corporation.

Click here for more information on investing in gold through Vanguard.

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