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Oxford Gold Group: The Trusted Name in Precious Metals Investing

Oxford Gold Group is a precious metal company that helps people buy and sell gold, silver, and other precious metals. It also offers gold IRAs, which let investors take advantage of retirement accounts’ tax benefits while investing in precious metals.

The company was started in 2017 by veterans of the industry who have over 20 years of experience dealing with precious metals.

This company was started because the founders were unhappy with the companies that charged a lot of money for commissions.

Oxford Gold Group offers services and products to gold investors at a lower cost.

If you are thinking about investing in precious metals, Oxford Gold Group might be the right company to work with.

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Oxford Gold Group Products and Services

Oxford Gold Group offers products made of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. In addition, it has precious metals that are eligible to be put in an IRA.

The company helps make transactions faster and easier for clients. Clients are given investment plans that are made specifically for them.

The IRA services offered by Oxford Gold Group’s partner IRA custodians are Equity Institutional and STRATA.

Oxford Gold Group Costs

The following is a list of the fees levied by Oxford Gold Group to its clients.

Storage Fees

  • Every year, between $175 and $225, depending on the size of the investment.
  • The company’s coverage ranges from one to five years.
  • Clients that meet the criteria can get up to $2,500 in rebates.
  • Minimum Transactions

  • $7,500 for every IRA purchase
  • $1,500 forever direct purchase
  • Shipping Fees

    • No shipping fees are charged to clients.

    Annual Account Maintenance Fees

    • Accounts with a value of less than $100,000 are charged $175.
    • Accounts worth $100,000 or more are subject to a $275 fee.

    Oxford Gold Group charges an annual, flat fee for its products and services. This is because the company has standardized its products and services with the help of two IRA custodians, STRATA and Equity Institutional.

    Clients with large accounts can get rebates to reduce their maintenance fees. The rebate amount is determined by the account’s size.

    How to Get Started?

    If you want to roll over your IRA and open an account with Oxford Gold Group, you can call them at (833) 600 – GOLD. A representative will help you through the process.

    After you have filled out the application, they will send you a form that you need to sign. You will also have to send copies of your identification or documents.

    If you send in your money and paperwork, the company will fund your IRA immediately.

    If you have an IRA rollover, Oxford Gold Group will contact your IRA custodian to start the process of transferring the money to your new account.

    The firm may also assist you in selecting the appropriate precious metal goods for your account.

    Oxford Gold Group Ratings and Reviews

    The following are Oxford Gold Group’s internet ratings and reviews.

    • BBB – A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, with no reviews or complaints.
    • 4.8 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, based on 84 reviews
    • ConsumerAffairs has a 4.8 out of 5-star rating based on 36 reviews.

    Overall, the company’s ratings and evaluations are positive. On the other hand, Oxford Gold Group has fewer ratings and reviews on various websites than other companies.

    Oxford Gold Group Pros and Cons

    • Shipping is free.
    • Provides high-quality goods and services.
    • Owners have over 20 years of industry experience, Low prices
    • Positive feedback and ratings
    • Lacks ratings and reviews
    • Only works with two IRA custodians

    Is Oxford Gold Group a Scam?

    In conclusion, Oxford Gold Group is not a scam. It is a legitimate company with good products and services.

    The owners are veterans, meaning they have a lot of experience in the industry.

    The costs are competitive, and there are no shipping fees for the clients. The ratings and reviews are good, but they are not as good as the other companies.

    What is the Oxford Gold Group’s Process?

    Unlike a regular IRA, a self-directed precious metals IRA from Oxford Gold Group allows you to choose your assets. That means you can invest in gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and other IRA-approved metals.

    Visit Oxford Gold Group’s website and obtain their free guide to investing in precious metals if you’re interested in starting a precious metals IRA. You must give your name, email address, and phone number to receive the manual.

    When you’re ready to begin investing in gold and other precious metals, Oxford Gold Group can assist you in selecting the best product for your needs. Oxford Gold Group sells coins and bars in a variety of precious metals and delivery services such as preparation, packaging, and shipping.

    How to Start a Gold IRA with Oxford Gold Group

    After establishing your gold IRA, you can finance it with a trustee-to-trustee transfer or an IRA account rollover.

    A trustee-to-trustee transfer entails transferring funds from an existing retirement account to your new gold IRA. Transferring the funds may take five business days or less, depending on the custodian of your current retirement account. For such transfers, bank wires are the most preferred option.

    Transfers to the Oxford Gold Group are tax-free and incur no IRS penalties. You can also make as many transfers as you like.

    If you choose an IRA account rollover, your current retirement account custodian will send you a check. The cheque will be for the entire amount in your retirement account, and you will have 60 days to deposit it in your gold IRA account. You might have to pay taxes or fines if you don’t.

    The Oxford Gold Group can help you with the entire procedure, including filing papers on your behalf, regardless of your choice. The firm can also help you decide on the best way to fund your gold IRA.

    The Benefits of Choosing the Oxford Gold Group

  • Signing up is quick and straightforward.
  • A helpful website provides a wealth of information about gold IRAs.
  • Effective customer service
  • Rolling over IRAs with the help of a professional
  • Partners with a lot of experience who can give you great investing advice.
  • Customers’ gold bullions are stored in insured and certified depositories.
  • Positive feedback on a variety of independent websites
  • Annual fees that are both flexible and reasonable
  • You have complete control over your gold IRA account.
  • Oxford Gold Group’s Precious Metals IRA

    Precious metals IRAs are typically self-directed and can store bullion or other precious metals approved by the IRS. It’s critical to consult with a professional dealer to ensure that the IRA contains the appropriate metals and is properly stored.

    When you engage with Oxford Gold Group to set up a precious metals IRA or any other non-retirement investing account, you own genuine precious metals rather than shares in a company. Investors afraid of a stock market meltdown may find this investment plan appealing.

    When you own the metals, you don’t have to worry about the records being inaccessible or wrong due to computer problems. As opposed to precious stones, Precious metals are easier to sell and buy. This is because the stone supply is limited and controlled by a single corporation.

    The trustee reports asset losses and earnings to the IRS, just like other investments and IRAs. Each person’s precious metals are segregated in storage facilities, ensuring that the metals purchased are the same when they sell. The following are the minimum amounts that must be reported to the IRS:

    Gold IRA

  • Physical gold with a purity of at least.995 and a weight of up to 32.15 troy ounces
  • 15 ounces and above Onza Mexicana coins
  • 25+ Krugerrand coins (1 oz.)
  • 1 ounce plus 25 Coins of the Maple Leaf
  • Silver IRA

    Silver IRAs can comprise the following silver products:

    • Any size with a fineness grade of.999 or greater
    • It’s possible to add up to 1,000 troy ounces.
    • For 90 percent silver, any combination of coins having a $1,000 or more value is acceptable.

    Platinum IRA

    • Any size with a fineness rating of.9995 or above
    • It’s possible to add up to 25 troy ounces.
    • IRA for Palladium Products
    • Can add up to 100 troy ounces of any size with a fineness grading of.9995 or higher

    Learn more: Oxford Gold Group Discusses the Price of Gold

    Frequently Asked Questions About Oxford Gold Group

    Is Oxford Gold Group a Legitimate Company?

    Oxford Gold Group is a company that offers gold and other precious metal investments services to customers all over the United States.

    Who is Oxford Gold Group?

    Oxford Gold is a precious metals dealer based in the United States. The company was founded in 2017. The company’s headquarters are in Los Angeles, California.

    Can I Buy Gold Directly From the U.s. Mint?

    The United States Mint does not sell bullion coins to the general population. They’re distributed through a network of authorized resellers. These authorized purchasers create a two-way market by buying and selling to wholesalers, financial institutions, and secondary retailers.

    Can I Buy Gold From the Australian Mint?

    If you want to buy some of the Gold and Silver Investment Coins from the Royal Australian Mint, you can call 1300 652 020. You can also find them at authorized National and International Distributors. If you plan to acquire more than $5,000 worth of coins, please read and understand the Retail Terms and Conditions and the Identification and Verification Form.

    How Long Has Oxford Gold Group Been in Business?

    Oxford Gold Group is a precious metals broker based in Los Angeles, California. The company specializes in gold IRAs, which are retirement accounts that hold gold instead of other types of investments. Oxford Gold Group was founded in 2017 by partners who were frustrated with the high levels of brokerage commissions charged by other companies.

    Is Jm Bullion a Good Company?

    JMBullion has a 4.79-star rating based on 2,598 reviews. The majority of JMBullion consumers are pleased with their purchases. The things that consumers are most satisfied with when it comes to JMBullion are the precious metals, the great service, and the fast delivery. In fact, JMBullion ranks 1st among Gold sites according to reviews.

    How Can I Buy Gold Bars?

    You can purchase precious metals and gold bars through licensed retailers online. Look for reputable websites like the American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX), JM Bullion, and Wholesale Coins Direct that sell gold bars by weight, quantity, and price.

    Is American Hartford Gold Group Legitimate?

    American Hartford Gold is a company that you can trust in the precious metals IRA and Gold IRA industry. They have received an “A” rating from the nonprofit Business Consumer Alliance. Their company is also accredited on the Better Business Bureau website, where they have an “A+” rating.

    What Is Ira-approved Gold?

    Gold IRA refers to a specific type of IRA that lets investors hold gold as a qualified investment for retirement. Investors with gold IRAs can hold precious physical metals, such as bullion or coins, and precious metals-related securities.

    Are Gold Dollars Real Gold?

    The United States federal government has produced the smallest denomination of gold currency, 90% pure gold.

    Do Banks Sell Gold Bars?

    Only a few banks are authorized to sell gold. Most banks only sell digital gold, not physical gold.

    How Can I Sell Gold Without Paying Tax in Australia?

    You can sell gold without paying taxes if you use your retirement account. You’ll need a self-directed IRA, SEP-IRA, or 401K plan for this to work. If you touch the physical gold, you will be required to pay taxes.

    Why Is Gold Called Bullion?

    The term “bullion” is ordinarily used to describe large quantities of metal used to produce coins. The metal is often precious, like gold or silver. The term comes from the Anglo-Norman term for a place where metal was melted down and refined. Earlier, the French word “bouillon” meant “boiling.”

    What Is the Market for Precious Metals?

    In 2019, the worldwide precious metals market was expected to be worth $182.1 billion. From 2020 to 2027, sales are predicted to expand at a nine percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

    Can You Hold Precious Metals in an Ira?

    You can’t physically hold the precious metal in a regular individual retirement account. However, you can use specially designed precious metal IRAs to invest using gold, palladium, silver, and other valuable metals for retirement.

    Are Gold Coins a Good Investment?

    Gold is a good investment because it can help you protect yourself from inflation. You don’t have to pay any taxes until you sell it. And you don’t have to tell anyone that you own it if that’s important to you. Gold and silver can be used to buy and sell items in the worst-case scenario, such as when a currency’s value falls.

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