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Augusta Gold IRA Reviews: The Best Way to Save for Retirement

Saving for retirement can be a difficult task, but it is definitely worth it in the end. Just like looking for the best crypto IRA company, among the best methods to save for retirement is by investing in gold. Besides the Gold Birch Group, Augusta Gold IRA Reviews offers some of the best gold ira options available, and they are surely worth considering if you want to secure your financial future!

If you want to invest in precious metals, it is best to partner with a reputable company like Augusta Precious Metals.

Augusta Precious Metals is a credible company that provides gold and silver IRAs. The company has more than 50 years of experience in the precious metals industry and is dedicated to helping investors save and invest money better.

The service-oriented company Augusta Precious Metals helps investors build wealth and have a comfortable retirement by working with them to create silver or gold IRAs. Just like investing in Orion Metal Exchange, Augusta Precious Metals demonstrates its company expertise and diligence as a gold IRA firm by joining financial industry associations.

The company Augusta Precious Metals has a 5.0-star rating on TrustLink. This means that many investors recommend this company on social media platforms like Facebook. In this Augusta Precious Metals review, we will explore what this company has to offer so you can decide if it is the right investment for you.

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Augusta Precious Metals Gold History and Background

Isaac Nuriani is the CEO of Augusta Precious Metals. The company was started in 2012. They have their corporate office in Beverly Hills, California.

At Augusta Precious Metals, we take a customer-oriented approach to service delivery. Our main goal is to help American investors protect their assets. We want to make your life easier.

The company wants to make it simple for you to invest in precious metals. They will handle all the paperwork for you and make the process affordable, no matter why you want to invest.

Nuriani started Augusta Precious Metals so that people could save their retirement money by buying precious metals. There were other gold ira companies doing this, but Nuriani believed in having integrity, which was missing from the industry.

Augusta Precious Metals Products & Services Offerings

Augusta Precious Metals specializes and focuses on providing a wide selection of silver and gold bars and coins that meet the requirements for an IRA.

This company doesn’t deal with palladium and platinum, which might be metals you’re interested in. If you’re a coin collector, Augusta Precious Metals might have coins you would like to collect.

Many of these gold and silver coins are certified by Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC).

Augusta has some features that make it better than its competitors when it comes to product and service offerings:

  • The company offers competitive and affordable prices on its precious metals
  • Clients enjoy insured shipping at a regular cost
  • It waives the fees on gold and silver IRAs during its first year

The company offers excellent customer service to both first-time investors and established clients. They also have a great buyback program that allows you to sell back any precious metals you purchased from them at competitive prices.

The company helps its clients make good decisions about their money. It has a lot of information on its website about investing in gold and silver, including the benefits of opening a gold-backed IRA.

Augusta Precious Metals Gold IRA

Augusta Precious Metals has knowledgeable and experienced departments in setting up gold and silver IRAs. The company assigns a specific agent to each client to help them through the process.

The company also employs people who work with numbers and people who help with retirement accounts. The order desk is another important part of the company. This desk helps the company stay efficient and benefits the clients.

Create a new account with Augusta Precious Metals and open silver and gold Individual Retirement Accounts in just a few minutes. The following are the stages involved in opening such accounts:

  • Open an IRA account — Fill out the required form to open an account.
  • Funding the account — You can add funds to your Augusta IRA account by transferring money from your other IRA, 401(k), or retirement account.
  • Purchasing silver or gold — After you purchase IRA precious metals from Augusta, they will be shipped to the Delaware Depository or another secure storage facility in one of the U.S. cities.

Augusta Precious Metals Pricing Info

You’ll pay $50 to establish a precious metals IRA account. The following annual fees are also required:

  • $75 yearly administration fee for accounts up to $100,000
  • $125 yearly administration fee for accounts over $100,000
  • $125 yearly custodian fee
  • Augusta Precious Metals charges an extra fee for depositing your metals into storage. Please ask a representative for the current fee schedule.

People who are qualified investors can have their fees and charges paid for a lifetime. The company has free shipping and transit insurance for orders that are worth at least $5,000. If you want to trade gold and silver at Augusta Precious Metals, you’ll need to invest at least $5,000. There is no maximum investment.

The price of gold bullion, silver bullion, and coins depends on the current silver and gold spot prices and how much the company wants to make money. Augusta Precious Metals is straightforward regarding its markup and fees. This kind of transparency is important when comparing rates with other companies.

Augusta Precious Metals Storage Options

Augusta Precious Metals works with International Depository Services Group (IDS) and Brinks Global Services to store its precious metals. The metals are kept in seven secure, independent storage facilities across the U.S. and Canada.

After you finalize your purchase, your assets will arrive at the Augusta Precious Metals storage facility in seven to 10 days. Your assets will be safe and secure but also easily accessible if you need them.

The Augusta Precious Metals storage facilities are in the following cities:

  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Nampa, Idaho
  • Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
  • Springfield Gardens, New York
  • Bridgewater, Massachusetts
  • Wilmington, Delaware
  • New Castle, Delaware
  • Jackson, Ohio
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • South Fargo, North Dakota

Augusta can ship your purchased precious metals directly to your mailbox or any other preferred location in the country. However, Augusta advises its clients against storing precious metals at home.

Augusta Precious Metals offers free 100% insured shipping. Augusta has never had a case of lost goods in transit. Augusta will refund the full buying price if your precious metals get lost during shipping.

Augusta Precious Metals Gold IRA Reviews

If you want to invest in assets like gold and silver, Augusta Precious Metals is a great company to consider. They have no complaints, an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and excellent ratings from Google, Facebook, Trustlink, and the Better Consumer Alliance. Trustlink has chosen them multiple times as “Best of,” and IRA Gold Advisor named them the “Most Trusted in the U.S.”

When you work with Augusta, you get access to a team of experts who can help you. The leader of this team is Devlyn Steele. He has over 30 years of experience as an analyst and is certified by Harvard in economic analysis.

One of the coolest things about Augusta is how much it focuses on education. You can get free guides and even talk to agents in web conferences.

Augusta Precious Metals has staff members who are dedicated to each customer. They want to help people invest in gold and silver easily and without any problems. Augusta is also committed to being transparent and letting customers know what is happening every step of the way. They want to make sure each individual’s goals and budget are met.

Augusta Precious Metals is known for being transparent, giving the best prices in the industry, making it easy to invest in gold and silver. And providing personalized service to meet the goals and budget of each individual. The company goes above and beyond to ensure you have a good experience with them.

About Augusta Precious Metals

Wealth and retirement savings are safeguarded by Augusta Precious Metals. People can use self-directed precious metals IRAs to invest in precious metals.

Investors who have Augusta as their investment destination receive support from an award-winning expert team that provides individualized attention for a higher level of service.

This support includes providing account holders with information on the market’s economic factors. This can help them understand how to diversify their portfolios with time-tested gold and silver assets. Can offset potential losses they may experience with other types of investments. This allows investors to make their own informed investment decisions.

Gold and silver are often used by investors to reduce the impact of inflation on their savings. When the economy is unstable, these metals can help keep your money safe.

People who invest in Augusta use the unique advantages of owning paper precious metal assets. They can also benefit from tax-advantaged savings, such as other IRAs, 401(k)s, and other retirement accounts.


  • Gold and silver ownership, including bullions and coins that meet the highest purity level, is a way to protect your money.
  • Storage in a safe, secure place not affiliated with the government.
  • You have access to a team of gold and silver experts for the life of your account.
  • If you choose to take physical possession of precious metals outside of an IRA, you will need to take care of the purchase yourself. This can include discreet delivery right to your home.
  • Augusta Precious Metals Commitments 

    1. Total Transparency

    Augusta is open and honest about its business practices. They have a lot of information available online. They don’t impose any additional costs and keep you informed about the status of your transaction. You can contact them at any time with any questions you may have. For many years, IRA Gold Advisor has named Augusta “Most Trusted in the United States” and “Best of” multiple years.

    2. Customer Service

    The company is well-known for giving its customers time and attention. This is done, in part, through an easy process for setting up a gold IRA account and by assigning each customer a personal agent. The Augusta team does 95% of the work for you to set up your account within an IRA or as a cash account. Augusta offers a wide range of commonly used precious metals items at deeply discounted costs as an added bonus. Amazingly, the BBB has not received any complaints from the company. Consumer websites have a plethora of stellar testimonials.

    3. Knowledge and Expertise

    The company’s team of economic analysts can help you build a precious metals portfolio to meet your personal objectives. The analysts are available to help you for the life of your account.

    Because Augusta Precious Metals is honest and straightforward with its consumers, they have gained high customer loyalty. A future Hall of Fame quarterback, Joe Montana is one of Augusta’s gold and silver buyers. He consulted with his own financial experts to secure his retirement savings following the 2008 financial crisis. The proposed gold, so he sent them out to find the best gold company in the United States of America. They scoured the market and settled on Augusta for him.

    • For new clients, you may save up to 10 years of fees.
    • A free one-on-one webinar discusses the benefits of a gold IRA.
    • There are no BBB complaints to back up the company’s excellent customer service.
    • The process is transparent and straightforward. The prices are great, making it easy to protect your retirement investment for years to come.
    • Only gold and silver are for sale at Augusta. They don’t have any platinum or palladium on their website.
    • There is a $50,000 minimum investment requirement.

    Who Can Invest in Augusta Precious Metals?

    Augusta Precious Metals is a corporation dedicated to assisting individuals in incorporating genuine gold and silver into their portfolios. The company can best help customers with at least $50,000 saved in a retirement account, like an IRA or 401(k).

    This is a good company for people worried about being scammed by a precious metals company. Augusta has a good reputation for being transparent and honest. This has been shown by things like Joe Montana, hall of fame quarterback, choosing Augusta for his personal finances, and the many five-star ratings from customers all across the U.S. They have zero complaints with the BBB, and they have been named “Most Trustworthy in the U.S.” by IRA Gold Advisor, plus getting on TrustLink’s “Best of” list multiple times.

    Augusta offers a lot of helpful information for people who want to buy a self-directed silver or gold IRA. This company has a Harvard-trained economist on staff who can help people make the best decision for them. They also have many educational materials available, including a one-on-one webinar.

    Even though Augusta does not give financial advice, the company has studied different precious metals options. And found the most popular physical gold and silver products. This can help save customers time and help them figure out what might be the best option for them.

    Augusta Precious Metals Benefits You

    There are always great resources at Augusta that can help you get the most out of your investment. These resources include precious metals, economic education, online tools, and free shipping.

    There are many online resources that Augusta Precious Metals customers can use. These include current market news, videos by the company’s economist, and tools such as a required minimum distribution calculator and a price chart showing the spot price of gold and silver.

    Augusta’s free one-on-one webinars and tutorials are highly regarded as valuable sources of knowledge for consumers considering buying precious metals for their portfolios. The company also offers an online chat for instant connection with its agents.

    Augusta Precious Metals is working hard to provide the best possible experience for its customers. This company partners with the Royal Canadian Mint to provide higher quality coins than other mints. They also offer free shipping and transit insurance.

    Although Augusta cannot promise buybacks, the company says it has never refused a buyback, which can be helpful for those looking to liquidate their accounts at some point in the future.

    Is Working With Augusta Precious Metals Simple?

    Augusta Precious Metals has different departments that help customers understand. How the economy affects the value of their retirement accounts and how market changes can affect precious metals. The different departments work together to help customers.

    The company’s agents and personnel are very good at what they do. They make buying and selling precious metals much easier than any other company.

    At Augusta, each customer has a personal customer success agent who is their main contact. Customers also access an economic analytics team with a Harvard-trained economist, the IRA processing team, and the order desk.

    Augusta Precious Metals’ approach is similar to an assembly line for cars. This unique set-up is effective and efficient, which saves Augusta money. Augusta then passes these cost benefits on to customers.

    Many high-net-worth individuals have saved money through Augusta for years. Joe Montana, the company’s ambassador and a person with a net worth of about $150 million, was looking for the best gold company to help protect his retirement when his advisors found Augusta.

    Even if you have an initial account, Augusta Precious Metals customers can call any Augusta team for help.

    Actually, the company prides itself on providing services to customers for as long as they have an account. Other gold firms do not provide as many services after an account is set up.

    Three simple steps to establish a gold IRA with Augusta Precious Metals:

    If you decide to buy silver futures, you can get them for $0.50 in cash. Silver futures are suitable for people who know that they will need silver in the future but don’t know when yet. Silver futures have some advantages over other options because futures are standardized and most others are not, like bonds.

    Open an IRA account.

    Augusta Precious Metals works with a reputable and efficient company to help its customers get the best prices on gold IRAs.

    Fund the account.

    You can rollover your current 401(k), IRA, or other retirement account funds into a new retirement account.

    Buy gold or silver.

    You select the precious metals for your IRA. Augusta securely transports your gold and/or silver to one of the various destinations throughout the United States.

    Augusta Precious Metals Business Consumer Alliance

    The Business Consumer Alliance changed its name from the Better Business Bureau in 2013. This change allowed it to expand its business throughout the United States.

    The BCA is a system that evaluates businesses. The grades go from AAA to F. This is so people can see which businesses are good and which ones are bad.

    Augusta Precious Metals has an excellent rating from the Better Business Bureau. They have a “AAA” rating, and 76 out of 100 customer reviews are 5-star.

    Popular Augusta Precious Metals Products

    There are more than 50 different coins and bars to choose from, organized into five categories:

    1. Gold bullion in its most basic form
    2. Typical silver bullion
    3. Gold of the highest quality
    4. Silver of the highest quality
    5. Coins that are IRA-eligible

    Prices are not available on the internet. This is typical of bullion dealers. Why? Because the price of gold and silver bullion fluctuates daily, prices must be updated regularly.

    There is some cross-category overlap here. Some IRA-eligible coins have been included outside the ‘IRA Eligible Coins’ section. Confirm with a salesperson that you are purchasing the correct coin; given the firm’s proven record for customer service, you are likely to receive sound, unbiased advice. Below are two hot options from each product category to give you a feel of what bullion has to offer:

    1. Gold Bullion in Common Use

    American Eagles in Gold (1oz)

    The American gold Eagle, perhaps the most widely traded gold coin globally, is available from this dealer in four distinct weights. This coin is IRA-friendly.

    Bar of Gold (1oz)

    The smallest gold ingot possible weighs 1 troy ounce of pure gold and contains 0.9999 percent purity. There is also a 10 oz. Ingot available. This coin is IRA-friendly.

    2. Silver Bullion in Common Use

    The Lovely United States of America (5oz)

    This 5 oz coin is IRA-compatible and depicts George Washington on the front and National Monuments (effigy mounds shaped like animals) on the back.

    Bag with a 90% silver content and a face value of $1000

    Pre-1965 silver dimes and quarters were produced with 90% silver and 10% copper. The face value of a $1,000 bill is approximately 715 troy ounces of silver.

    3. Gold Premium

    Arctic Fox, Canadian Gold, 2014 (.25oz)

    The ‘Vulpes Lagopus (arctic fox) on the front and a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the back are from the Royal Canadian Mint. This coin is IRA-friendly.

    Striped Marlin from Australia

    The Perth Mint struck this piece, containing 14 Troy oz of gold. The reverse of the card features an Australian Striped Marlin (a type of fish). In contrast, the front features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

    4. Silver Premium

    Half Dollar of John F. Kennedy

    A collectible coin with ex-US President John F. Kennedy on the front and the Presidential Coat of Arms on the back was stuck in 1964.

    Canadian Silver Polar Bears and Cubs in 2015 (1.5oz)

    This coin is IRA-friendly. This coin is part of the Royal Canadian Mint’s Wildlife series and comes in tubes of 15. A polar bear and its cub are featured on the front, while on the back, Queen Elizabeth II is depicted.

    5. Coins that are IRA-eligible

    The most popular IRA options are listed below. Other IRA-compatible coins are featured in other sections as well.

    Proof Gold American Eagle

    The Gold American Eagle, with Lady Liberty on the front and a bald eagle on the back, is undoubtedly the most well-known gold US currency. IRA-compatible. Augusta Precious Metals has a variety of weights available.

    This type of ‘proof’ coin is made using a more advanced minting process, resulting in a more detailed image and a mirror-like surface. Although you can keep ‘proof’ American Eagles in your IRA, you might want to stick with regular American Eagles. That’s because ‘proof’ coins are more expensive, but their bullion worth is the same as common American Eagles.

    Purchasing proof coins for your IRA involves a minor amount of financial risk. You may be able to release the premium value when you sell your coin, but you may not.

    ‘Proof’ coins should not be confused with ‘uncirculated’ coins. Although proof coins are usually uncirculated, the phrase “uncirculated coin” is used in the business. This describes a currency that is not produced to the same high standard as a proof coin.

    1 Oz. Silver Maple Leaf From Canada

    The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, maybe the most popular silver IRA coin, includes a maple leaf and Queen Elizabeth II on the back.

    Suppose you declare the incorrect type of currency for your IRA. The IRS may consider it an early ‘distribution’ (i.e., withdrawal) and charge you a penalty. Check out our guides to IRA-friendly gold and silver coins and bars to learn more.

    Why do people choose Augusta Precious Metals to invest in?

    Augusta Precious Metals strives to establish long-term connections with its clients. Unlike some other precious metals organizations, Augusta Precious Metals focuses on teaching consumers through informative presentations, according to Augusta Precious Metals reviews on Business Consumer Alliance.

    Devlyn Steele, the head of education, holds Zoom call introduction meetings on the market, government laws, and how they may affect retirement savings.

    Augusta Precious Metals considers itself to be the finest gold IRA provider since it does not pressure customers to purchase gold or silver bullion. The major goal is to properly educate and enlighten consumers about the benefits of buying actual gold coins to fund a precious metals IRA.

    Augusta Precious Metals has simplified the gold IRA process into five straightforward stages. The first step is to meet your agent, who will be your point of contact throughout the process for all things gold and silver. Second, educate yourself to ensure that a gold IRA firm is suited for you. Augusta Precious Metals is the third IRA processing company, and your concierge representative will handle 95 percent of the paperwork. Fourth, work with Augusta Precious Metals’ product experts to develop your portfolio at the order desk. Finally, a no-hassle, no-pressure phone confirmation to complete your transaction.

    Why You Shouldn’t Invest In Gold And Silver

    Augusta Precious Metals has outlined 15 reasons precious metals are a lousy investment. Other gold IRA companies may utilize deceptive tactics to get retirees and soon-to-be retirees. This is to liquidate assets and buy precious metals bullion such as gold and silver.

    Gold Hill Retreat wholeheartedly endorses this message. Any investor who wants to diversify their portfolio with Gold and Silver bullion coins or other precious metals should do so because it is the right decision, not because of scare tactics.

    According to Augusta Precious Metals, there are 15 reasons not to invest in gold:

    1. Banks can withdraw funds to remain solvent.
    2. The stock market is about to implode.
    3. A sure-fire way to make money
    4. Profits in the short term
    5. revenue from a portfolio
    6. Price forecasts
    7. Fear-inducing
    8. Gold and silver are available for free.
    9. Greed
    10. The clock is ticking.
    11. Negative Remarks
    12. Pressure
    13. Gold Recall by the Government
    14. Coins that are not reportable
    15. Investing guidance

    What is the best reason to put money into gold?

    There are various reasons to include precious metals in a balanced portfolio, such as IRA-approved gold, silver, palladium, or platinum. Depending on the investor’s goals and risk tolerance, that portfolio will appear different. Physical gold and silver bullion have long been associated with currency and have been an efficient inflation hedge.

    Monarchs and governments alike purchased actual gold to store riches and worth throughout history. Gold has outperformed the stock market and the S& P 500 index since 2001. In a piece for, Damian Rodgers pointed out that he could have bought a one-ounce American Eagle gold coin for $295 in 2000, but the same coin now costs $1780. Gold has surged in value by more than 500 percent, whereas the S& P 500 index has only increased by roughly 190 percent.

    The current economic climate is evolving at a breakneck pace, and the previous success of any investment vehicle is no guarantee of future results. Any potential investor should educate themselves on why a precious metals IRA might be a good fit for them.

    During a Recession, Precious Metals

    Are you considering putting money into precious metals or a gold IRA? One of the most compelling reasons to buy precious metals and put them in a Gold IRA is to protect against the damaging effects of inflation and currency depreciation. The CPI (Consumer Price Index) issued by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics ( in November and December 2021 indicates record-high inflation not seen since the 1980s or early 1990s.

    According to data compiled by Suisse Gold, gold and precious silver metals have performed well during recessions.

    According to the figure from Suisse Gold, gold gained value in all recessions except one in 1982 and 1998, when the S&N 500 lost double digits. Showing how a gold IRA can help you protect your retirement assets.

    Although we are not currently in a recession, the value of actual gold has risen in each of the previous eight recessions. Although silver prices have fluctuated, they have always lost less than the S&N 500 index.

    What are Precious Metals Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)?

    Precious Metals IRAs differ from ordinary IRAs and 401Ks. Non-traditional assets such as collectibles and physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are held in a Precious Metals IRA, commonly known as a gold IRA.

    Precious metals are rare and valuable metals that can be discovered on the earth’s surface. Every dollar was backed by an equal amount of gold before 1976 when the US dollar was officially decoupled from the gold standard and became fiat money. Precious Metals have intrinsic value, even if they are no longer accepted in exchange for goods and services. To secure their wealth during economic turmoil, investors prefer to invest in precious metals through a gold IRA firm.

    Precious Metals IRA accounts are for gold, silver, platinum, or palladium investments. On-demand, the IRA account’s balance is converted into more units of these metals at a particular current price.

    Individuals can postpone paying taxes on their IRA assets by shifting some or all of their IRA assets to a trust that only invests in precious metals. A Gold IRA is a sort of investment vehicle that can be used for various purposes.

    While prices are low and the global economy is unclear, some investors prefer to generate an income stream by purchasing precious metals. Then, when the price of these metals rises and markets begin to recover, sell them. Others invest in a gold IRA to benefit from the security benefits of having physical custody of the metal or storing it as a long-term investment–and it can be customized to fit any individual’s goals and budget.

    What Makes Augusta Precious Metals Gold and Silver So Special?

    Customers who use Augusta Precious Metals’ gold IRA services are educated and given the knowledge they need to decide about investing with a gold IRA firm. The finest gold IRA firms put their customers’ long-term investing strategy first.

    This gold IRA service provider is no exception. Augusta Precious Metals is getting a makeover on the digital front. Their website has been redesigned to simplify the content and focus on offering the tools and information you need to decide whether to buy gold or silver bullion coins. It all starts with a decision to discover more by contacting Augusta Precious Metals.

    K9s for Warriors is a happy supporter of this gold IRA company. K9 for Warriors is the largest provider of assistance dogs for veterans in the United States. The service dogs assist veterans with PTSD, and the charity aims to improve the quality of life for returning combat veterans.

    The veterans in the program have exhibited a 92 percent reduction in pharmaceutical reliance. This program, more crucially, protects the lives of America’s combat veterans. Graduates have an 82 percent lower risk of suicide.

    Augusta Precious Metals Stores My Physical Gold Where?

    The assets of gold IRA firms must be held in an IRS-approved depository. Unlike many other gold IRA providers, Augusta Precious Metals works with several IRS-approved depositories, allowing consumers to maintain their gold or silver IRA investments close to home.

    Los Angeles, California; Salt Lake City, Utah; Jackson, Ohio; Wilmington, Delaware; New Castle, Delaware; and Springfield Gardens, New York are the current Augusta Precious Metals storage facilities.

    Reviews of Augusta Precious Metal

    Augusta Precious Metals is one of the top gold IRA companies to engage with when trying to preserve your wealth if you’re looking for a gold IRA company to invest with. Isaac Nuriani, the CEO and founder of Augusta Precious Metals, is a member of the National Ethics Association and a certified professional coin grading service (PCGS).

    Isaac Nuriani, the company’s CEO, constantly strives to improve Augusta Precious Metals’ reputation as a respectable gold IRA provider.

    As part of our Augusta Precious Metals analysis, Gold Hill Retreat will look at consumer feedback from various sources, beginning with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Business Consumer Alliance (BCA), Consumer Affairs, and Trust Pilot.

    What is Augusta Precious Metals’ Better Business Bureau rating?

    When glancing at the BBB, Gold Hill Retreat can see why customers recommend Augusta Precious Metals as the greatest gold IRA firm to their peers. Precious Metals was incorporated on 1/1/2012, registered with the BBB on 2/6/2014, and received BBB certification on 2/17/2015, according to the BBB Augusta.

    Since then, they’ve maintained a 4.97 out of 5-star rating with 90+ reviews and 0 complaints. This is the only precious metals company that Gold Hill Retreat has investigated and found to be free of complaints.

    Complaints About Augusta Precious Metals

    Gold Hill Retreat had yet to come across a gold IRA customer who was dissatisfied enough to file a complaint against the company when composing the Augusta Precious Metals review. On the Better Business Bureau’s website, some potential complainants are given the option to contact Augusta Precious Metals directly.

    Many businesses employ the option of giving angry consumers the choice to resolve their issues to retain clients. A terrible experience in business is sometimes ascribed to misunderstanding or personnel unfavorably dealing with clients.

    Precious Metals Lawsuit in Augusta

    Although Gold Hill Retreat could not locate any open cases, the Better Business Bureau’s website lists a Consent Order between Augusta Precious Metals and the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

    Augusta Precious Metals has been fined $3,000 by the State of Minnesota for failing to register with the Department of Commerce and selling more bullion items than the statutory limit.

    Augusta Precious Metals Trustlink

    TrustLink, like the Better Business Bureau, is a reputable third-party review platform. Clients choose to TrustLink while looking for a house, personal or professional services. The TrustLink platform is a straightforward, no-frills solution that closely monitors material posted on the web.

    Many customers like this straightforward platform because it emphasizes customer feedback and existing client evaluations.

    Augusta Precious Metals’ TrustLink profile has a 5-star rating. When this article was written, there were 275 customer evaluations on the platform, and CEO Issac Nuriani responded to several of them, thanking the consumer for their helpful feedback.

    Augusta Precious Metals Business Consumer Alliance

    The Better Business Bureau used to be a component of the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA). It was known as the Better Business Bureau of the Southland and only served the Los Angeles metropolitan region. They were able to grow their activities across the United States after changing their name in 2013.

    The BCA’s overall goal is to promote business self-regulation. BCA can issue letter grades ranging from AAA to F based on a complex algorithm that examines various different elements of firms, assisting the public in finding respectable or disreputable companies.

    Augusta Precious Metals has received the highest letter grade from the BCA, a ‘AAA,’ and a 5-star rating from 76 independent customer reviews.

    Since 2013, this gold IRA firm has been a charter member of the Business Consumer Alliance.

    Glassdoor for Augusta Precious Metals

    When looking for the finest gold IRA firm, consider how employees feel about the company’s reputation, reliability, capacity to maintain high levels of customer service, and cost control. Glassdoor is a website where current and former employees and interviewees can anonymously share their experiences.

    Glassdoor is an excellent resource for job seekers looking to learn more about a company’s culture, average wages for various roles, and the interview process. Augusta Precious Metals received a 4.5 out of 5-star rating overall.

    Employee evaluations on Glassdoor have a tendency to be more negative than positive, which has to do with the character of employees. Employees who are satisfied and content with their current jobs are less likely to use these job-search sites. Glassdoor is frequently used by employees who are considering quitting the organization.

    When allowed to give their assessment of the organization while actively wanting to quit, they complete the reviews. Even after leaving Augusta Precious Metals, the gold IRA professionals continue to leave favorable reviews.

    What do Augusta Precious Metal employees think of the company?

    Employees at Augusta Precious Metals provide feedback. As noted above, Augusta Precious Metals has received favorable feedback from both previous and current employees. Here’s an example of a positive evaluation from a former employee:

    • Augusta is a fantastic place to work and learn. They have a lot of patience and are great teachers. Much senior personnel with extended tenures with the organization provide invaluable advice and encouragement. You won’t be working with the “Wolf of Wall Street.” Still, you will be dealing with folks passionate about providing useful investment information to active investors.
    • You must be willing to work hard to maximize your earning potential. The enormous sums of money I witnessed my colleagues took a long time and a lot of effort to acquire. However, if you’re ready to listen to others’ suggestions and have the time to devote to this high-volume task, you may make a decent living. Many people buy gold and silver all around the country!
    • The following is the most striking aspect of the Glassdoor profile:
      • 91% of employees would recommend the company to a friend.
      • The CEO has a 98 percent approval rating among his employees.
      • 93 percent of employees are optimistic about the future of the company.

    What are the fees for Augusta Precious Metals?

    Augusta Precious Metals will not charge additional maintenance fees when acquiring premium gold coins or silver bullion to fund a gold IRA account.

    The only fees involved with having an account with Augusta Precious Metals are the regular fees that appear to be complex charges with several other companies.

    The following changes are included in the fees:

    • The opening account charge is $100.
    • An annual storage fee of $100
    • Custodian fee of $80

    Augusta Precious Metals Helps Set Up A Precious Metals IRA

    We want to make this Augusta Precious Metals review as comprehensive as possible for everyone.

    So here’s how you invest in gold and silver IRAs with this company:

    Making a Deposit:

    Opening an Augusta Precious Metals account is the first step toward purchasing precious physical metals and working on your retirement savings. You can start buying precious metals with organizations like Equity Trust, Kingdom Trust, or Goldstar Trust, according to this company, because they have a lot more experience and integrity than other account custodians.

    Adding Money to the Account:

    You can fund your account with a transfer from your bank account or a gold IRA rollover. A gold IRA rollover occurs when a user has an existing retirement plan through their workplace, such as a 401(k) or 403(b). If the user leaves the company, the money in these retirement plans can be transferred to their gold IRA. It’s crucial to note that anyone interested in learning more about Augusta Precious Metals can do so.

    Buying Gold and Silver that is Eligible:

    The final step is to simply purchase gold and silver that is IRA-eligible. Augusta Precious Metals sells gold and silver bullion, bars, and rounds. In addition, the firm sells premium coins for gold and silver IRAs. The company will store your physical metals in a secure and insured facility after you have purchased them.

    What is Augusta Precious Metals Storage, and How Does It Work?

    Augusta’s best feature is its storage. Regardless of where you choose to store your precious metals, this organization assures that your investment is always safe. According to Augusta, all metals are kept in highly safe, risk-averse, fully-insured, non-government depositories. Furthermore, the organization provides its customers with various options for this procedure.

    Users’ precious metals are usually kept in the Delaware depository of the corporation. On the other hand, these customers have the option of using one of the numerous additional facilities located across Canada and the United States. These facilities can be found in Jackson, Ohio, Salt Lake City, Utah, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, and others. Class-3 security vaults, reinforced buildings, strict access, inventory controls, and other features are used throughout the company’s premises.

    It’s important to note that Augusta’s facilities are insured for up to $1 billion, so you won’t have to worry about your metals breaking down anytime soon. Furthermore, because these facilities are privately owned and unaffiliated with the corporation, they may impose secret storage costs, depending on which one the individual picks.

    Depending on how quickly the transfer goes through, it can take five to ten days for a purchase to be processed. Furthermore, precious metals are supplied seven to ten business days after receiving payment.

    Is it a Good Idea to Invest in Precious Metals?

    While investing in metals may appear to most people as an appealing alternative, it is a risky investment that is not suitable for everyone. On the other hand, gold and silver are easier to liquidate than other assets, which is ideal if you ever want to cash in on your investments. Remember that there is always someone looking to buy gold or silver, so finding a buyer won’t be difficult.

    However, note that diversifying your retirement plan with these metals might be costly, primarily if you work with Augusta. Starting an IRA with this organization demands a minimum commitment of $50,000, which is not a little sum.

    If you’re willing to make such a significant investment, using gold and silver as diversification choices for your portfolio can be a wise decision.

    Augusta Precious Metals Can Help You Set Up An Ira.

    In three simple steps, you may set up a precious metals IRA.

    Step 1: Open a new self-directed IRA with a self-directed custodian.

    Traditional IRAs do not allow physical assets such as gold, silver, real estate, and bitcoin. As a result, you’ll need to open a self-directed IRA. Augusta Precious Metals works with three different custodians. You’re ready to move on to the next stage once you’ve set up your account.

    Step 2: Rollover and transfer funds from your existing IRA.

    After converting an IRA to a self-directed IRA, the consumer can use the account funds to buy precious metals. Customers can issue standing instructions to their banks to transfer and rollover funds, and the IRA keeps its specific tax benefits.

    Step 3: Use Augusta Precious Metals’ order desk to buy and sell gold and silver coins.

    After the IRA transfer is completed, the user can use Augusta Precious Metals’ Order Desk to buy and sell precious physical metals. Representatives from Augusta Precious Metals take you through the entire procedure.

    Augusta Precious Metals Is A Company That Specializes In Precious Metals

  • Custodians of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
  • IRA with gold
  • IRA for silver
  • Coins and Bullion in Gold and Silver
  • Storage of Precious Metals
  • The Augusta Gold & Silver Guide Is A Free Resource

    Custodians of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

    Augusta has acquired the support of three well-known custodians to assist you with converting your existing IRA to a self-directed IRA, including:

    • Trusteeship
    • GoldStar Trust Company
    • Kingdom Trust


    Equity Trust is an IRS-approved tax-advantaged account custodian. It has over 45 years of expertise as an IRA custodian and administrator, with over $34 billion in tax-advantaged accounts.

    GoldStar Trust Company

    Gold Star has over 30 years of experience and manages $2 billion in assets. GoldStar Trust, a trusted arm of Happy State Bank, serves over 40,000 customers with self-directed IRA services.

    Kingdom Trust

    Kingdom Trust is one of the newest and most rapidly expanding trust custodians. By 2014, it had 50,000 customers and $5 million in assets under custody, founded in 2009. With $18 billion in bitcoin assets under custody, it is also one of the most essential bitcoin custodians.

    IRA with Gold

    Augusta Precious Metals offers pure, popular, and premium gold coins and bars for an IRA or cash account.

    While actual gold for an IRA account must be 99.5 percent pure, Augusta Precious Metals offers 99.9% pure gold bullion and coins that meet or surpass purity criteria.

    As a result, this precious metals firm goes above and beyond to ensure that clients receive the best quality product.

    Even better, Augusta has a large selection of gold bullion and coins.

    The following are some of the gold coins and bullion options available to IRA customers:

    • Coin of the United States of America
    • Buffalo Coin of the United States of America
    • Coin of the Canadian Maple Leaf
    • Gold Philharmonic Coin
    • Gold Krugerrand Coins
    • 10 oz. gold bar

    IRA for Silver

    Augusta Precious Metals offers a selection of silver bullion and coins suitable for IRA and cash accounts.

    Physical silver must be 99.9% pure to be eligible for IRA investments. Augusta offers IRA-eligible Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins and American Silver Eagle coins.

    Some coins provided to consumers for a silver IRA, according to the Augusta Precious Metals Review, include:

    • Silver Eagle of the United States of America
    • Silver Maple Leaf from Canada
    • The Beautiful Cumberland Gap in America
    • Fort Moultrie, America’s Beautiful
    • The Beautiful Effigy Mounds of America
    • 5 Blessings in Silver from Canada
    • Bar of Silver

    Augusta Precious Metals Storage

    The gold and silver bullion bought with a self-directed IRA is stored in a secure vault.

    Augusta Precious Metals has hired the services of the Delaware Depository, which has secure depository facilities across the United States, to assure compliance and secrecy.

    Clients of Augusta Precious Metals can inspect their precious metals in the vaults by making an appointment.

    The Delaware Depository is a non-government institution that is fully insured.

    There are no hidden expenses other than an annual charge, which is a good chance of pace from other gold IRA firms.

    The Augusta Gold & Silver Guide Is A Free Resource

    Augusta Precious Metals offers its investors a free guide that explains the investment and purchasing processes.

    The article walks you through what precious metals can be used in a gold IRA step by step. Other gold/silver investment platforms do not provide this free guide.

    On the Augusta Precious Metals website, investors can get a copy of this complimentary guide.

    Cancellation Policy for Augusta Precious Metals

    Customers at Augusta can sell or return their precious metals holdings at any time.

    Anyone who purchases premium gold or silver can cancel their order and receive a full refund within seven days, no questions asked.

    The company keeps a help center open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for its returns.

    A “sell” order is handled as soon as it is placed, and the funds are transferred to the customer’s designated bank account.

    Pros and Cons of Augusta Precious Metals

    During our Augusta Precious Metals review, we discovered a lot to enjoy. Still, there are several areas where the service could be better.

    • Portfolio Diversification – Augusta Precious Metal’s investment alternatives help to diversify investment portfolios and limit the risk of overexposure to asset or market downturns.
    • Excellent customer support — Augusta’s customer care makes setting up a self-directed IRA account a breeze. You can go to the depository to see where your precious metals are kept.
    • Coin Variety – There are many different coins to pick from.
    • Purity — Its gold is purer than the industry average.
    • Augusta Precious Metals has a significant disadvantage with a high initial investment requirement of $50,000.
    • Limited Options – Augusta Precious Metals exclusively offers gold and silver as investments. There are no other assets available.

    Augusta Precious Metals Is Well-known For Its Expertise In Precious Metals

    Many professionals have recommended Augusta Precious Metals above other gold IRA firms because of its excellent customer service for people looking to buy gold and silver. Augusta Precious Metals solely works with gold and silver bullion; it does not deal with platinum or palladium bullion. Users who want to buy these additional premium coins in the precious metals market may look elsewhere.

    On the other hand, Augusta Precious Metals is noted for three distinct characteristics, which are detailed on the company’s website. While the corporation makes the following claims, multiple consumers endorse Augusta Precious Metals for the following reasons:


    The information provided to retirement savers by this gold IRA provider is highly transparent. Customers of Augusta Precious Metals can obtain information on the “ask” to “bid” disparity on any purchase. Furthermore, the Augusta Precious Metals IRA organization has no hidden costs. It provides real-time updates on your gold and silver transaction status. Finally, the Augusta gold firm is available to answer any questions that its clients may have during the procedure, making the process much more user-friendly for everyone.


    One of the most common concerns about buying gold or silver coins is that the process can be cumbersome and overwhelming. Augusta Precious Metals makes it easy for customers to buy gold and silver by performing 95 percent of their effort, including pre-selecting the product. According to multiple reviews and the company’s ambassador, Joe Montana, Augusta Precious Metals’ services are among the most user-friendly on the market. Finally, the Augusta gold firm is available to answer any questions that its clients may have during the procedure, making the process much more user-friendly for everyone.

    Portfolio of Customized Metals:

    In this Augusta Precious Metals review, we wanted to highlight that the company sends professional representatives with the necessary knowledge to assist consumers with their gold IRAs. Having a good IRA gold advisor is essential for those who wish to establish an extensive portfolio of precious metals products. Therefore this organization made sure to hire the proper personnel for the task. Finally, the Augusta gold firm is available to answer any questions that its clients may have during the procedure, making the process much more user-friendly for everyone.

    Augusta Precious Metals Services

    Augusta Precious Metals is a customer-focused firm that provides a wide range of services to customers looking to invest some retirement funds in precious metals.

    The company primarily offers the following services.

    • IRAs for gold and silver
    • Cash purchases of gold and silver
    • Education about the economy and metals is ongoing.
    • Economic and gold/silver experts are available.
    • Client support throughout the rest of their lives
    • IRA Purchases of Gold and Silver

    Augusta Precious Metals will help you buy IRS-approved physical gold and silver in a tax-advantaged IRA using its many years of experience.

    To begin, the organization devotes a great deal of time and effort to educate you about the economy and how gold and silver fit into it, and the various coins and bars available for purchase. There’s a lot to select from, which might be overwhelming. Augusta assists you in making sense of your options.

    You can choose from several insured depositories when you start your gold IRA account with Augusta Precious Metals’ help. If you’re unsure, Augusta’s preferred repository, the Delaware Depository in Wilmington, Delaware, maybe the best option.

    Augusta Precious Metals is committed to ensuring that Americans have the freedom to choose how they save. Thus it collaborates with a variety of depository storage facilities across the country.

    You have the option of selecting a place that is convenient for you. You can also make an appointment to see your purchased metals at the depository.

    Augusta Precious Metals’ gold IRAs are self-directed, which means that investors make the decisions. You have complete control over all IRA sales and purchases, which is a welcome difference from feeling like you’re at the mercy of standard retirement account management.

    Augusta Precious Metals is known for its exceptional crew, trained to do 95 percent of the paperwork with you to make it as simple as possible.

    Everything is obvious, rapid, and consistent since the many departments are aligned like the stations on an assembly line. Augusta team members are there to assist you with every step and explain everything as it happens so you can feel confident in your purchases and know what to do next.

    Cash Purchases of Gold and Silver

    Augusta Precious Metals can also aid you if you don’t want an IRA and would rather have physical possession of precious metals.

    It’s a straightforward procedure that gives you complete control over your precious metal assets, including storage and security.

    • Open an Augusta Precious Metals account and deposit money into it.
    • Choose from several pre-selected gold and silver purchase alternatives provided by the company.
    • Take control of your precious metals by signing for delivery.

    Customer Service That Lasts A Lifetime

    One of the best things about Augusta Precious Metals is that it maintains long-term customer relationships.

    The Augusta team and your personally allocated agent will not only help you through the process of creating an account with them, but they will also take care of the majority of the paperwork.

    Augusta’s well-trained service personnel are available to you at all times, including:

    • A customer success agent is allocated to you directly and can answer basic queries and connect you with other departments as needed.
    • Economic analytics department – This group monitors the economy and the gold and silver markets and keeps you informed by phone or web chat. They can help you spot dangers to your assets and explain how markets work, allowing you to make informed decisions about how to proceed to optimize your retirement funds.
    • The IRA Processing Department manages your ongoing paperwork and communicates with your custodian on your behalf.
    • Portfolio assistance – Augusta gold and silver agents can assist you in creating a unique precious metals portfolio.
    • Augusta order desk support – If you want to add more gold and silver to your portfolio, these pros can help. They can also help you rebalance your precious metals portfolio by administering buybacks.

    Final Thoughts

    If you want to invest in gold or silver ira for your retirement, Augusta Precious Metals can help. They will take care of all the paperwork and buying for you. They will also make sure your metals are delivered and stored safely.

    This firm is a good alternative if you’re looking for a gold IRA provider. This company is impressive: from Augusta’s leadership to its prices, transparency, educational materials, and great attention to customers.

    Gold and silver are not as susceptible to inflation as equities are. This means that they can be a good investment for your portfolio. Physical precious metals are a distinct asset class, which can help offset portfolio losses in other areas. However, if inflation takes more than 2% every year, it could seriously affect the final value of your portfolio.

    Savings accounts at banks offer very low-interest rates, which means you will only earn a few cents for every dollar you save. However, gold and silver have historically held their value better than other assets.

    You can roll over some of your retirement savings to precious metals to avoid problems with inflation and low-interest rates. However, the problem with most gold IRAs is that most companies are not transparent about how they invest your money.

    When you purchase a home, you must pay any applicable fees. But Augusta Precious Metals does not charge any extra fees. You see the price, and that is what you pay.

    This company values transparency and personal ethics. These are two of the most important virtues that help them succeed.

    You can check out this site to learn more about investing in gold.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Augusta Gold IRA Reviews

    What is IRA approved gold?

    Gold IRA refers to a type of individual retirement account that allows investors to hold gold as a qualified investment. This could be in the form of bullion or gold coins, as well as precious metals-related securities.

    Can a self-directed IRA invest in precious metals?

    Precious metals, such as real estate, can be a good investment for a self-directed retirement plan. The Tax Payer relief act of 1997 made it possible for people to have precious metals in their self-directed IRA. People choose precious metals as part of their portfolio because they think it is a good investment.

    Is gold a good investment in 2022?

    Gold is currently priced at around $1,800 per ounce. This price is down 5% from the year before, but it is much higher than it has been in the past. The price may not be high right now, but it is still higher than it has ever been before.

    Do you pay tax on gold?

    The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) categorizes gold and other precious metals as “collectibles.” This means that the profits made from selling these items after more than one year are taxed at a 28% rate. Gains on most other assets held for more than one year are subject to the 15% or 20%

    Can I have a Roth IRA and a gold IRA?

    Roth gold and silver IRA accounts are a smart addition to any retirement plan. They can protect your money from inflation, help your money grow, and help you diversify your investment portfolio. If you want a comfortable, low-stress retirement, it’s time to start planning for it today.

    Should I store gold at home?

    Even though storing gold and silver in water is recommended, it is safer to store them in a dry place. Good options include a depository, a safe deposit box, or an at-home safe. If you choose one of these locations, it is a good idea to put your gold and silver in a waterproof container.

    How can I transfer my 401k to gold without penalty?

    Luckily, there are ways to avoid penalties and taxes when you roll over your 401(k). You can do a direct rollover, which is where your provider transfers the money for you. You can do an indirect rollover if you have to do it yourself.

    Is gold a good investment for retirement?

    Despite such emotional appeals, many financial experts warn that gold (and, for that matter, silver, and even more volatile commodity) is too risky. It can be very unstable, and it might not be a good idea for retirees who need to produce incomes with investments rather than an asset that can swing wildly in value within short periods.

    How do I open a gold IRA account?

    To put IRA funds into gold, you need to establish a self-directed IRA. This is a kind of IRA that you manage yourself and that allows you to own a wider scope of investment products than other IRAs. For a gold IRA, you need a broker to buy the gold and a custodian to create and administer the account.

    How do I buy gold with an IRA?

    To own gold in an IRA, you need to have a self-directed IRA. A few different companies offer this type of IRA. You need a custodian because the IRS requires that the custodian store the gold. You can’t use your IRA money to buy the metals and store them on your own.

    What Is IRA-Approved Gold?

    A gold IRA is an individual retirement account that allows you to hold physical gold as an investment. This can be in the form of bullion or coins. You can also hold securities related to precious metals within the account.

    Can I Buy Physical Gold in My IRA?

    Suppose you’re interested in owning gold or investing in its future value. In that case, a self-directed gold IRA account might be a good way to do it. A self-directed IRA account lets you invest in physical gold and other precious metals. This tutorial will explain the requirements for a gold IRA and how to invest in gold.

    Is Gold Allowed in an IRA?

    You can now invest in gold, silver, palladium, and platinum bullion and coins through your IRA. This was not always the case, but now you have more options for what you can hold in your IRA.

    Is Gold a Good Investment in 2022?

    Gold has been doing well lately. It is up from $1,796 per ounce to $1,900 per ounce in the last month or so. Gold usually does well when other asset classes do poorly, which has been recent.

    Does Vanguard Have a Gold IRA?

    Although Vanguard does not have a pure gold fund, it does have a fund that invests around one-quarter of its portfolio in precious metals and mining companies. This gives you indirect exposure to the gold market.

    Do You Pay Tax on Gold?

    Gold and other precious metals are categorized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as “collectibles.” This means that profits from selling these items are taxed higher than most other assets held for more than one year. The long-term capital gains rate is 28%.

    Can I Have a Roth IRA and a Gold IRA?

    In short, you cannot invest in physical gold bullion (or any other approved investment metal) through a standard Roth IRA. The most straightforward approach to investing in gold through your IRA is to purchase equities in gold mining businesses or a mutual fund that contains mining company stock.

    How Do I Avoid Capital Gains Tax on Gold?

    You can postpone your tax bill by using a 1031 exchange. You reinvest money from your gold sale by buying more gold. If you meet the IRS requirements, all transactions will not be taxed.

    How Can I Transfer My 401k to Gold Without Penalty?

    You can avoid penalties and taxes on your 401(k) rollover if you do a direct rollover. With this option, your provider will handle the transfer for you. Your funds are automatically transferred to the new account. You can do an indirect rollover if you have to handle the transfer yourself.

    Is Gold a Good Investment for Retirement?

    Despite these emotional appeals, many financial experts warn that gold (and, for that matter, silver and even more volatile commodity) is just too risky. It can be hard to sell when the price goes down. It might not be good for retirees who need income-producing investments rather than an asset that can swing wildly in value within short periods.

    Should I Store Gold at Home?

    Gold and silver can be stored in water, but storing them in a dry place is recommended. A good option is a depository, a safe deposit box, or an at-home safe. If you use one of those locations, it is good to put your gold and silver in a waterproof container.

    What are the best precious metals to buy?

    Gold and silver are the best kinds of precious metals to buy. Gold has been used in jewelry for a long time and is a way to keep your wealth safe. Silver is also popular because it is used in many industries. Buying gold or silver is an excellent choice for precious metals.

    Is it a good idea to buy precious metals?

    When you buy precious metals, you are protected by diversification in good times and bad. We recommend that you take opinions about gold and silver with a grain of salt. In good times, people usually speak out against buying these metals.

    People say that the best time to buy metals is when the economy is good. But it’s good to get information from somewhere reliable, like Augusta’s professional analytics team. Many people also believe it’s a good idea to have some of your investments in precious metals for safety.

    Is Augusta Precious Metals legit?

    According to the Better Business Bureau, Augusta Precious Metals is a legit company. The United States Mint recognizes Augusta Precious Metals as a bullion dealer. Augusta Precious Metals Company is also a member of ICTA.

    What metal is better than gold?

    Every metal has its own benefits. If you want something more valuable than gold, then choose palladium.

    How can I contact Augusta Precious Metals?

    Their corporate address is Augusta Precious Metals, 5830 East 2nd Street, Casper, WY82609. They also have a satellite office at 8484 Wilshire Blvd. #515, Beverly Hills, CA. You can also reach them by phone at 800-700-1008 if you are a current customer.

    What is the BBB rating for the Augusta Precious Metals IRA?

    The BBB rating for Augusta Precious Metals IRA is A+. It has earned a 4.5 rating out of 5 stars. This company is doing a great job, and it’s nearly impossible to get a perfect 5 stars rating.

    I highly recommend this company if you’re serious about protecting your retirement savings. They have a lot of experience and offer excellent customer service. Augusta Precious Metals offers the following gold IRA retirement savings options:

    Augusta Precious Metals offers two types of IRAs: gold IRAs and silver IRAs. You can keep physical precious metals products in gold or silver IRA, such as silver bullion, premium coins, gold coins, or silver coins. As you know, during panic times, precious metal prices like silver and gold tend to jump.

    When the price of gold rises too high, it’s time to buy silver coins. Silver is cheaper, so it’s good to invest in a silver bullion product. Gold is sometimes preferred because it takes up less space than silver coins.

    Does Augusta Precious Metals offer anything besides silver and gold?

    At Augusta Precious Metals, we offer only silver and gold IRAs. There is a lot of customization that can be done for gold IRAs and silver IRAs. Silver IRAs can be funded with silver coins and with even silver bullion. So, make sure you do your research before deciding which IRA to choose.

    Can you rely on past performance?

    Indeed, past performance does not guarantee future success in the finance world. It is essential to learn about IRA gold before investing in precious metals. A precious metals IRA can be a safe haven when bad times come. Nobody knows when this will happen.

    What kind of precious metals products does Augusta Precious Metals offer?

    Augusta Precious Metals offers silver and gold coins, as well as silver bullion, for long-term protection. Silver and gold are the only precious metals that can be stored in an Augusta Precious Metals IRA.

    How is the customer service with an Augusta Precious Metals IRA?

    The customer service department at Augusta Precious Metals IRA or break a company can help you with your questions about gold IRAs. They have a lot of knowledge about this topic and will be happy to help you.

    Augusta Precious Metals is a great company to work with. They have excellent customer service. This means they can help you with anything you need, whether setting up an IRA or buying gold in cash. Plus, they offer customer support as long as you have an account with them.

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