The 1% is Dictating the Future of Everything: Why Invest in Precious Metals?

How We Are Being Controlled

The 1% is controlling everything and the 99% are just sitting back and letting it happen. The rich continue to get richer while the poor continue to suffer without a voice in government nor any hope for change. discusses this issue and offers advice on how we can work together to take our country back from the corrupt elite who control banks and media while siphoning off trillions of dollars from us so they can maintain their power at all costs.

One idea is investing in precious metals like gold or silver because these assets cannot be inflated by printing more money- something that will inevitably happen with paper assets when central banks start tightening things up as inflation heads higher again.

In that case, gold and silver will be the only things standing up against inflation while paper investments get decimated.

It is time to take our country back from the rich because what happens in politics affects all of us- it dictates how we live day to day after all!

One way to fight back may be to support an organization where your money goes towards funding a media campaign so people can hear about this issue for themselves and make their own decisions on where they stand based on facts not propaganda by elite banks who have no interest in helping everyday Americans but rather siphoning off trillions of dollars each year while manipulating markets with high-frequency trading algorithms designed solely for profit at any cost.

How You Can Protect Yourself

Investing in precious metals like gold or silver might seem counterintuitive when central banks start raising rates but they will be the only assets that perform well in a high inflation environment and it is time to take our country back from banks that control everything we see, hear and even buy online.

There is a lot of good information out there that supports investing in precious metals in this time of uncertainty. For example, you might not have heard about how the Federal Reserve is rigging interest rates to benefit banks instead of consumers. Or that taxes are being raised on everything including your income and investments so that more money can go towards wars?

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about investing in Precious Metals:

Is precious metals A Good Investment?

Are Precious Metals a Good Investment for You? They are good investments because they have value. If there were money, the value of it would go down, but these metals can't be printed more. They are also good insurance against financial or political/military disruptions.

What is the best precious metal to invest in 2021?

World of precious metals: You can choose to invest in gold, or silver, or platinum, or palladium. Gold is the most reliable for your money. Silver is beautiful. Platinum and palladium are also good choices too.

Why investing in precious metals is a bad idea?

When you invest in precious metals, it is more difficult to get a steady return. It is easy to see the value of your metal go up or down on any given day. You also will not get enough equity on your house or rental property.

Can you make money from buying precious metals?

Commodities, such as gold and silver, do not produce cash like a business or bond. They just sit there and you hope they go up in price.